Cutting Edge Tractors

Cutting Edge Tractors
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Powerful, intelligent and efficient tractors are at the Cutting Edge of agricultural development.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Cutting Edge Tractors"
Powerful, intelligent and efficient tractors are at the Cutting Edge of agricultural development. Scientific and technological advances have allowed modern farmers to increase food production while reducing their costs, effort and impact on the planet. In this programme we take a look at some of the amazing features found on modern Tractors. Like Anti Lock braking systems that ensure a tractor will stop safely even on slippery roads. Global positioning systems that map a machines exact location with pinpoint accuracy. Sequence management devices that allow tractors to work exactly to pre programmed specifications providing consistent levels of performance by controlling their implements automatically and even tractors that can steer themselves. But these mighty modern machines can only make such a difference because of the hard work that goes into each and every one. So we take you behind the close doors of the factories to find out how and why manufacturers have to design and test every single component to ensure that today's farmers can achieve the highest potential yield for the lowest possible investment. The dedication, imagination and innovation of so many different manufacturers have inspired truly astonishing progress in tractor development. The world of agriculture may be changing but with the help of modern Cutting Edge Tractors and their state of the art technological advances the farmers of today are given the very best machines to help them feed the world. Duration 98 minutes
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